Attempted Robbery (Arrest

April 19, 2017, 11:07 p.m.

Prohibition Orders Issued)
Case: 1704-1239

A female victim reported that as she walked to her car in the parking structure, two male juveniles approached her, pointed a silver handgun at her, and demanded her belongings. The victim told them that she did not have anything and started to get into her car. One suspect handed the gun to the other suspect and the second suspect pointed the gun at her again. The victim got into her car and the juveniles walked away without any of her property. The victim, who was not injured, called to make the report. An officer at the station located the two juveniles near the station entrance and detained them at gunpoint. After additional officers arrived, the juveniles were handcuffed and one was found to be in possession of a replica firearm. The victim identified them as the two who tried to rob her. The juveniles were issued prohibition orders and booked into juvenile hall for attempted robbery.

Prohibition order
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