Missing Person (at-risk)

Nov. 17, 2011, 9:50 a.m.

Case: 1111-2269

A family member called to report their elderly family member missing.  The 92 year old female was last seen using the restroom at the station.  Her family members did not see her come out of the restroom, but when they checked, she was not longer in the restroom.  The lady has dementia and is in need of her insulin.  He name is Ying Lai.  She speaks Cantonese and limited English.  She is described as Asian, 5', 135 lbs, wearing a rose colored jacket with fur around the collar and blue pants.  Trains were checked, system announcements are being made (in stations and on trains) and Fremont PD was notified.  She has been entered into the Missing Persons System and a BOLO was sent out.  Detectives are drafting a flyer (with a photo) and media release at the time of this entry. 

Prohibition order
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Missing Person