Battery/Vandalism (Prohibition Order Issued)

Aug. 7, 2014, 3:59 p.m.

Castro Valley
Case: 1408-1111

A sergeant and a pair of officers detained two male subjects who were reportedly fighting one another at the station. Further investigation determined the primary aggressor/suspect battered the victim while the latter sat in his vehicle. In self-defense, the victim brandished a Taser and the suspect stopped his aggression. Before leaving the area, however, the suspect kicked and damaged the victim’s vehicle. As a result of being battered, the victim sustained minor injuries to his face and hands (i.e., swelling and scratches), but declined medical attention at the scene. The victim placed the suspect under citizen’s arrest for battery and vandalism, and the sergeant approved the arrest. While being processed for booking, the suspect complained of pain to his jaw and paramedics transported him to a local hospital. Upon being medically cleared, the suspect was issued a prohibition order and booked into the county jail for the crimes of battery and vandalism.

Prohibition order
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Prohibition Order Issued Vandalism Assault/Battery