Outside Assist Union City PD / Robbery

April 7, 2012, 2:54 p.m.

Union City
Case: 1204-0929

Union City PD called to report a male suspect attempted to rob the nearby Rite-Aid using a pocket knife and then fled toward the Union City BART station.  Trains were held.  Closed-circuit video captured a suspect running to the south end of the platform (#2) and then jumping down onto the track way and out of sight into the bushes. Track power was cut at that time.  UCPD was updated and a BART K9 was in the area and arrived on-scene at the same time as UCPD.  The suspect was apprehended by UCPD as he attempted to jump a BART fence, but got caught in the barbed wire atop the fence.  UCPD took custody of the suspect and the case, as the crime occurred in their jurisdiction.  Due to the police action, there was a train delay of 20 minutes. 

Prohibition order
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Robbery Outside Assist Train Delay