Attempted Kidnapping/Battery/Public Intoxication

June 2, 2013, 6:26 p.m.

Case: 1306-0223

A male called to report that a female suspect had tried to remove his children from the Pittsburg bound train while the train was at Rockridge Station.  The man and his four daughters, aged 2-7, boarded the train at MacArthur Station.  Two of the girls, aged 4&5, sat in a seat while the father and the other two girls stood nearby.  A female approached and sat near the two girls and engaged them in conversation.  When the train arrived at Rockridge, the woman suddenly grabbed the two girls by their arms and started trying to drag them off the train.  The girls screamed and resisted being pulled to the door.  The father intervened and pushed the woman away, but she blocked the train doors and began yelling that the girls could not possibly be the man's daughters.  A second patron pushed the woman away from the doors, allowing them to close, and the train left for Orinda. The father called to report the crime while in the Berkeley Hills Tunnel and the family returned to Rockridge on the next San Francisco train.  Meanwhile, the female suspect also called to report the incident, claiming that the father had kidnapped the four girls.  The suspect voluntarily returned to the station and responding officers met all parties at Rockridge.  The suspect admitted she had been drinking and had taken psychiatric medication, but claimed she was coherent.  She continued to claim that the children could not belong to the father, but could not explain the basis for this belief.  She stated she was trying to save the children by removing them from the train.  Officers confirmed that the children belonged to the father.  Based on their investigation, the woman was booked at Glenn Dyer Jail for attempted kidnapping, annoying/molesting a child, battery on a transit passenger and public intoxication. 

Prohibition order
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General Public Intoxication Quality of Life Assault/Battery