Possession of Burglary Tools/Possession of Stolen Property/Interfering & Delaying an Officer (Arrest)

April 3, 2015, 9:25 a.m.

San Bruno
Case: 1504-0484

A station agent reported seeing a male tampering with a bike at the bike racks. An officer arrived and detained the male suspect. A second male began interfering with the officer who was trying to detain the original suspect. After multiple warnings, the second male was detained for interfering/delaying an officer. The officer located a bike at the bike rack, with the lock cut. The tampering suspect was in possession of bolt cutters and a laptop computer. A records check revealed that he is on probation. Further investigation regarding the computer revealed that it belonged to a nearby business. The business confirmed that it had been stolen from them and they made a report with San Bruno PD. A detective was called to interview the suspect. The unsecured bike was taken for safe keeping and a note left on the rack for the owner to contact us upon their return. Both suspects will be booked into the Redwood City Jail (#1 for possession of burglary tools and possession of stolen property, #2 for resisting/delaying an officer).

Prohibition order
Warrant related
Bicycle Theft Resisting Arrest Burglary Tools Possession of Stolen Property