Child Abuse (Prohibition Order Issued)

July 8, 2015, 7:41 p.m.

Bay Fair
Case: 1507-1423

Officers responded to a report of a child who was stuck with a needle. Further investigation revealed a 3 year old female found a needle near the station agent’s booth, and then stuck her 5 year old brother in his finger with it. Witnesses stated the mother became angry about the incident, and then kicked her daughter in the head and stomach. The children were transported to Kaiser Hospital in Hayward with very minor injuries and were released a short time later. The mother, who had no prior criminal history of child abuse, denied kicking the child but admitted to spanking her. The mother was placed under arrest for child abuse and was issued a 30 day BART prohibition order. The children were released to their father. Child Protective Services were contacted and video was requested.

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