Domestic Battery/Prohibition Order Issued

Aug. 16, 2013, 10:17 p.m.

Walnut Creek
Case: 1308-2496

Officers responded to the station on a report of a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, they contacted a man and a woman arguing in a vehicle. Upon exiting the vehicle, the officer saw a switchblade in the male’s possession and placed him under arrest for possession of a dangerous weapon. A search of the suspect incident to arrest resulted in the recovery of another switchblade and a butterfly knife. The female stated the couple had gotten into an argument while in the vehicle, and the male pushed her out of the car. While in the police vehicle, the male began acting erratically and stated he had not taken his medication for anxiety in a few days. The male was deemed by the officers as a danger to himself, and paramedics were called to the scene for transportation to a psychiatric facility. When the officers opened the police vehicle door, the male became aggressive toward the officers and physical force was used to keep him inside the vehicle. When the paramedics attempted to strap him onto a gurney, the suspect kicked and attempted to bite one of the paramedics. A sergeant responded to the scene to approve the arrest and debrief the suspect. The suspect also complained of pain to his shoulder due to recent surgery, and was taken to the county hospital for treatment. After clearance from the hospital, the suspect will be have a psychiatric evaluation prior to being booked for possession of dangerous weapons, domestic battery, and battery upon medical personnel. The suspect was also issued a 30 day BART prohibition order. Video hotline notified.

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