Battery/Violation of Court Order (Prohibition Order)

Aug. 10, 2015, 1:49 p.m.

Glen Park
Case: 1508-1698

A female victim reported that her male friend pushed and punched her while the two were in the free area of the station. A sergeant and an officer responded and detained the suspect on platform level. The victim then positively identified the suspect and placed him under citizen’s arrest for battery, and the officers took custody of the suspect. During the detention/arrest, the officers learned of an active court order which prohibited the suspect from entering BART property, so he was placed under arrest for that violation as well. The sergeant approved the arrest. After being issued a prohibition order, the suspect was booked into the county jail for battery and violating the court order. The victim was no injured and declined medical attention.

Prohibition order
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Violation of Court Order Prohibition Order Issued Assault/Battery