Attempted Robbery/Possession of Narcotics and Drug Paraphernalia Arrest (Prohibition Order Issued)

Aug. 6, 2017, 10:14 a.m.

Case: 1708-0431

A male suspect attempted to take a suitcase from a male victim while on the platform. The victim attempted to stop the suspect from taking the luggage and the suspect punched him in the face. A short fight ensued and other witnesses intervened to help the victim maintain possession of the suitcase. The victim suffered minor facial injuries during the incident. Officers were able to detain the suspect without incident and discovered that he was in possession of suspected rock cocaine and a crack pipe. He was issued a prohibition order and booked into the Martinez Detention Facility for attempted robbery and possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia. The victim was treated on scene for his minor injuries.

Prohibition order
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Prohibition Order Issued Narcotics Robbery Assault/Battery