Disturbing the Peace, Terrorist Threats, Resisting Arrest

March 31, 2013, 11:46 a.m.

Montgomery St.
Case: 1301-4815

A station agent called the ISRC and declared an emergency.  The video cameras in the ISRC were switched to the primary station agent's booth at the Montgomery Station as officers immediately responded to the station.  A Hispanic male was pacing back and forth in front of the booth.  Officers responded and detained the male in handcuffs.  As the officers were moving the male a short distance away from the booth to complete their investigation, the male began to physically resist the officers.  The male was physically restrained against the floor of the station to maintain control of him and a supervisor responded to the station.  The male was placed under arrest for disturbing the peace, terrorist threats, and resisting arrest.  A sergeant approved the arrest and debriefed the male.  During the investigation, it was determined that the male made additional threats against the agents based on their race.  A hate crime was added to the males charges.  The male was booked into the San Fransisco jail. 

Prohibition order
Warrant related
Resisting Arrest Crimes Against BART Employees Assault/Battery