Battery on a Transit Employee/ Transit Passenger/ Psychiatric Evaluation

May 10, 2013, 4:16 p.m.

16th St. Mission
Case: 1305-1554

Multiple reports came into the ISRC about a naked man in the station harassing customers.  The subject was chasing after a female and other patrons in the station.  He was seen on the camera doing flips, and hand stands on the fare gates.  When the BART System Service worker when to get patrons away from the subject he chased after the employee kicking and pushing him several times. The subject then grabbed on to an elderly female and pushed her causing injury to her lower back.    The subject was subsequently placed under arrest by the responding officers.   The subject was transported to the San Francisco General Hospital for observation. He will be booked at the jail for battery on a transit passenger and for battery on a transit employee.  Both victims provided statements and completed the process for the citizen’s arrest.  OCC was notified of the incident.  Video was also requested of the incident by the investigating officer.  The sergeant responded to the scene to approve the arrest.

Prohibition order
Warrant related