Disturbing the Peace/Battery on Officer/Psychiatric Detention (Prohibition Order)

Oct. 4, 2014, 9:23 p.m.

North Concord/Martinez
Case: 1410-0778

Patrons reported that a male suspect was acting erratically on the platform. The male moved to the concourse and reportedly punched a patron, then bit another. A responding officer detained the suspect near the booth, with the assistance of an off-duty San Francisco PD officer. Officers determined that the suspect qualified for emergency psychiatric detention. Force had to be used to secure the suspect to the ambulance gurney. In the process, the suspect spat on a sergeant. A lieutenant responded to conduct the use of force investigation. The suspect was transported to the hospital for treatment. When medically cleared, he will be booked at the Martinez Detention Facility for battery on an officer. He was issued a prohibition order. The civilian battery victims left the area without making a complaint.

Prohibition order
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