Medical Assistance / Train Delay

July 10, 2011, 7:47 p.m.

El Cerrito Plaza
Case: 1107-1288

A male patron apparently collapsed on the platform and then fell onto the BART track way. BART Central cut power to the track way and trains held out of the station. Police and medical personnel responded to the station. Witnesses assisted by jumping down onto the track way and lifting the man back onto the platform. According to the first officer on-scene, the man was breathing but unresponsive. Medical personnel arrived and determined the man likely had a seizure, which caused his fall to the track way. The man was moved from the platform to an ambulance, and medical personnel stated the man had a seizure during the move. The man was transported to Doctors Hospital in Richmond and then transported by Life Flight to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek. Trains were delayed from entering the station for several minutes, and then single-tracked through the station for another 25 minutes as the man was transported from the platform by medical personnel.

Prohibition order
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Train Delay Medical Assistance