Outside Assist/Possession of Replica Firearm

March 28, 2013, 9:23 p.m.

Case: 1303-4462

A patron reported seeing a black male juvenile walking near the station with a handgun.  The suspect was described as having a dark complexion, a short afro hairstyle and wearing a gray shirt.  He was in the company of a second black male juvenile, wearing a black and white track jacket.  The suspects were last seen at 40th and MLK.  Officers located two juveniles matching the suspect descriptions at a bus stop at 40th and West Streets.  The two turned out to be a male and female, rather than two males.  Officers located a replica, Air Soft-type handgun on the person of the male juvenile.  Responding Oakland PD officers believed that the two detainees might be the persons who committed a robbery in their city earlier.  Witnesses to the robbery were unable to identify the detainees, but the robbery victim's cell phone was found on the female's person.  Oakland officers arrested the female for possession of stolen property.  The male with the replica handgun was arrested for an Oakland Municipal Code section prohibiting the carrying of a projectile weapon by a juvenile.  The male was issued a citation for the violation and released to his mother. 

Prohibition order
Warrant related
General Outside Assist Simulated Weapon