Battery On Officer/Resisting Arrest (Prohibition Order Issued)

Nov. 11, 2013, 4:57 a.m.

San Francisco International Airport
Case: 1311-1572

While on patrol, officers conducted a welfare check on a person who was sleeping on an out of service train. The person became uncooperative, pushed one of the officers, and a struggle ensued. The person was taken into custody after being tased for resisting arrest. A sergeant arrived at the scene to approve the arrest and debrief the suspect. A warrant check revealed the suspect had an outstanding no-bail arrest warrant out of Fremont for narcotics. Medical personnel arrived at the scene, and cleared the suspect prior to being booked for resisting arrest, battery on an officer, the warrant, and possession of a crack pipe. The suspect was also issued a 30 day BART prohibition order.

Prohibition order
Warrant related
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