Child Endangerment/Domestic Violence

Sept. 2, 2012, 8:28 a.m.

Case: 1209-0143

Fremont PD telephoned the ISRC/BART PD dispatch at 0203 hrs. to advise that a woman was at the Fremont BART Station reporting that her former boyfriend had left on foot with their 2-year-old daughter.  The man had vandalized the woman's car before leaving.  He was last seen walking from the station, towards Walnut Ave.   The investigating patrol officer arrived on scene at 0221 hrs.  The woman told him that she had been unaware that BART was closed and had intended to drop off the suspect at Fremont station.  She said that the suspect does not have a permanent address, but stays with family or friends in Oakland and Berkeley.  She subsequently told the officer that the suspect had punched her and slammed her head against the steering wheel of her car.  The suspect then picked up the child and walked away with her.   The woman advised that she does not live with the suspect.  Although the suspect is the child's father, he has not had custody of the child and has never been alone with his daughter before.  The suspect was under the influence of alcohol, according to the reporting party.   Fremont PD and BART PD officers conducted searches of the area for the suspect and child.  The suspect supposedly did not have access to a vehicle, did not have a significant amount of money with him, and does not have relatives or friends in the Fremont area.  ACSO, CHP, Union City PD, and Oakland PD were notified by police dispatchers.  A BOLO was also sent to Bay Area law-enforcement agencies.   The on-call detective was called at 0243 hrs. and responded to the station, and to a hospital, where the victim was examined for a large bump on her forehead.  The C-plt. sergeant also responded to the station and the hospital.   The acting-police chief and the operations deputy chief were notified by telephone.   The acting-police chief responded to the hospital.   At 0713 hrs, Fremont PD officers searched Fremont station and located the suspect and the child.  This followed a report from an AC Transit bus driver that the  suspect and child were there preparing to board a bus.  The child had not been injured.  The detective and BART police personnel responded to the station to conduct further investigative follow up.    The suspect is in BART police custody.  The criminal charges against the suspect are presently being determined and are pending the result of the detective's interview of the suspect, his investigative follow up, and the A-plt. watch commander's approval.

Prohibition order
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Vandalism Medical Assistance Domestic Violence Missing Person