Robbery/Domestic Violence/Attempted Kidnapping/Brandishing Weapon

April 16, 2016, 1:26 a.m.

Case: 1604-0797

A female victim reported that her former boyfriend had robbed her of her purse in the parking lot of the station. The suspect pointed a handgun at the victim and tried to force her to get into his car, but she resisted. In the struggle, the suspect choked the victim, who bit the suspect's arm and pulled free. Bystanders intervened and the suspect drove off. Responding officers were unable to locate the suspect or his vehicle in the area. The victim was transported to Highland Hospital for treatment. Possible addresses for the suspect were found in Hayward and Walnut Creek. Those agencies were notified and provided with the suspect's name and vehicle description. Investigation continues. TSOC notified.

Prohibition order
Warrant related
General Robbery Weapon Assault/Battery Weapon Involved Medical Assistance Domestic Violence Threats to Person Kidnapping