Domestic Violence/Warrant Arrest/Psychiatric Evaluation (Prohibition Order to be Issued)

April 16, 2016, 1:02 p.m.

San Leandro
Case: 1604-0807

A male called to report that his girlfriend was creating a disturbance at the station and had wrapped a phone cord around her own neck in an attempt to harm herself. Officers arrived and contacted both parties. The female suspect had hit her boyfriend in the arm and was found to have a $20,000 warrant for her arrest. She was also in need of psychiatric evaluation, so she was issued a prohibition order before being transported via ambulance to John George Pavilion for evaluation with a criminal hold for the warrant and domestic violence charge. She will be issued a prohibition order and transported to be booked once she is cleared of the psychiatric hold. The male victim was not injured and declined medical attention.

Prohibition order
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