Robbery (Phone Report)

Aug. 28, 2016, 12:18 p.m.

San Leandro
Case: 1608-1562

A victim called to say that he was robbed of his shoes and cell phone earlier (around 1200 hours) at the station. Two suspects (HMs 16-18) approached him in the parking lot and asked to use his phone. When he declined, they punched him and pushed him to the ground. They took his Jordan tennis shoes off his feet and took his cell phone from his pocket. The suspects fled toward the station and the victim, who was not injured, went home. A short time later, an anonymous witness approached the station agent and turned in the shoes and phone. He had witnessed the assault and retrieved the items from the suspects, but left the station without identifying himself to the agent. The victim was able to respond to the station to retrieve his items from the agent's booth. Station video will be requested.

Prohibition order
Warrant related