Sexual Battery/Annoying or Molesting a Child Arrest (Prohibition Order Issued)

Nov. 27, 2016, 3:41 p.m.

San Francisco Bound Train near Bay Fair Station
Case: 1611-1693

A 9 year old female was seated on the train when an adult male sat next to her and began to touch her on the leg and buttocks. A family member of the victim intervened and the victim and her family off boarded the train at the Bay Fair Station to report the crime. The suspect stayed on the train. Officers intercepted the train at the Coliseum Station and detained the suspect in addition to locating at least one other witness to the crime. The victim was transported to the Coliseum Station where she positively identified the suspect. The suspect was transported to the Lake Merritt Station to be interviewed by a detective before being issued a prohibition order and being booked for sexual battery and annoying/molesting a child.

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