Psychiatric Evaluation

June 30, 2011, 8:49 a.m.

Glen Park
Case: 1106-4059

The train operator of a Daly City bound train reported that there was a person under the train after the train pulled into the station and ran over the person, who had been laying on the trackway. BART Officers and the San Francisco Fire Department responded and determined that a female had been under the train, but she had climbed out from under it on her own and was on the platform when they arrived at the station. The female (in her 40's) received a very minor scrape to her wrist, but was otherwise uninjured. She admitted to officers that she intended to harm herself, but that the train had gone over her (3-4 cars) and did not strike her. Officers and SFFD inspected the trackway under the train to confirm that no one else was under the train before releasing the train back into service. The station was closed for approximately 55 minutes due to the incident. The female was transported by ambulance to San Francisco General Hospital on a psychiatric hold.

Prohibition order
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Train Delay Psychiatric Evaluation