Resisting Arrest

Oct. 12, 2014, 5:18 p.m.

West Dublin/Pleasanton
Case: 1410-2365

An officer attempted to detain a subject whom he witnessed smoking in the paid area and then fare evading to exit the station. The subject did not comply with the officer’s orders to stop, and faced the officer in a fighting stance. In response, the officer drew his Taser and managed to obtain the subject’s compliance. However, as the officer placed a handcuff on him, the subject physically resisted the officer’s attempt to restrain him with the second handcuff. A this point, the officer drew his Taser and discharged it at the subject. The subject then complied, was fully restrained in handcuffs and placed under arrest for resisting arrest. A sergeant responded to approve the arrest, debrief the subject and perform the use of force investigation. Paramedics responded to provide initial medical attention, and the subject was subsequently transported to a local hospital for further medical attention. Upon being medically cleared, the subject was booked into the nearby county jail for resisting arrest. In addition to being booked, the subject was issued citations for the initial (smoking & fare evasion) infractions. The involved officer was not injured during the incident, and the subject received a minor injury.

Prohibition order
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Resisting Arrest