Unattended Death

March 11, 2013, 4:08 a.m.

Montgomery St.
Case: 1303-1643

BART Police Dispatch/ISRC was informed at 2136 hrs. that a person was apparently stuck in the elevator shaft of an elevator at the Sansome and Sutter St. end of the station.  The elevator travels between the Muni and BART passenger platforms and the concourse level of the station.  At 2138 hrs., the BART communications specialist reported that someone who was stuck inside the elevator car said that someone was trapped in the elevator shaft, beneath the elevator car. At 2144 hrs., a BART elevator worker requested that a Code 3 ambulance be sent to the station.  At 2145 hrs., BART police dispatch/ISRC confirmed that SFFD/Medical had the call and were responding Code 3.  A BART police sergeant and officers arrived on scene at 2150 hrs.  SFPD personnel also responded.  The sergeant advised that there was a man, who was not moving, stuck between the elevator car and the elevator shaft wall.  At 2204 hrs., SFFD/Medical confirmed that the man was deceased.  The SFFD extricated the body from the elevator shaft at 0016 hrs. on 03/11/13, and turned it over to the coroner's office. The man who had been stuck inside the elevator car said that he had been riding the elevator from the Muni platform to the concourse level of the station when he heard a crunching sound, followed by a scream.  Then the elevator stalled. The deceased had no identification on him and officers did not recognize him as a regular.  The detective sergeant was informed of the incident and a detective responded to the scene. The TSOC was notified.  #

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