Assault w/ Deadly Weapon (Prohibition Orders)

Nov. 16, 2016, 10:27 p.m.

San Francisco International Airport
Case: 1611-1071

A BART officer responded to the station regarding a BART train operator’s report of two male suspects fighting one another on the station’s platform. On his arrival, the officer located the suspects and managed to separate them with the eventual assistance of several San Francisco Airport Police Officers. The officer then learned that the suspects were involved in a 3-4 year dating relationship, and had earlier argued over a relationship issue which escalated into a fight between the two; both on the platform and aboard a train. While on the train, one of the suspects (#1) stated he drew a knife as a form of self-defense, but the other suspect (#2) grabbed it and lacerated his own hand. Suspect #2, however, claimed the knife was intentionally used against him. Aside from the train operator who only witnessed the suspects fighting one another, officers were unable to locate any other witnesses. Officers located the involved knife in suspect 1’s possession, while the incident train was searched for potential evidence and video. Subsequently, it was determined the suspects were mutual combatants. It was also determined there was probable cause to believe that suspect #1 assaulted suspect #2 with the knife. Paramedics responded to attend to both suspects as each sustained minor lacerations to their hands; they were medically cleared at the scene. Subsequently, suspect #1 was booked into the county jail for domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon, while suspect #2 was booked into the county jail for domestic battery. Both suspects, who refused emergency protective orders, were issued BART Police prohibition orders.

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