Suspicious Person / Concealed Dagger Arrest / Possession Airsoft Handgun / Possesion Shaved Key

Aug. 30, 2011, 2:56 p.m.

Castro Valley
Case: 1108-3847

An anonymous patron flagged down a sergeant at the station and advised him of a male casing vehicles in the parking lot.  The sergeant located and contacted the subject in the parking lot.  Upon the consensual contact, the sergeant asked the subject if he any weapons in his possession.  The subject stated he had a knife and Airsoft “BB” gun.  The knife, a dagger, was concealed and the subject was subsequently arrested for possession of a concealed dagger violation.  Incident to arrest, a search was conducted and the suspect was in possession of a “shaved” vehicle key, a burglary tool violation.  The suspect was booked for the dagger and burglary tool possessions at the Santa Rita jail facility. 

Prohibition order
Warrant related
Auto Theft/Burglary Weapon