Domestic Violence/Resisting Arrest

Nov. 21, 2013, 11:04 p.m.

South San Francisco
Case: 1311-3350

South San Francisco Police (SSFPD) received a call from a reporting party who advised that a male was hurting a female in the bus zone area of the station.  SSFPD officers arrived on scene first and pursued the male suspect on foot, tasered him, and took him into custody.  A BART officer arrived on scene a short time later.  SSFPD officers handled the entire case, including the suspect’s booking.  A BART prohibition order was issued to the suspect by the BART officer.  The female victim was not injured during the incident.  SSFPD case #13-6987 / BART PD case #

Prohibition order
Warrant related
Outside Assist Domestic Violence