BART Crimes

Making Public Information Public

In spite of a recent initiative to "increase public's access to BART crime data", they have in fact been reducing the amount of crime information they publish because of fear of racial sterotyping. While I agree with the notion that it would be a shame if racial biases are formed for any reason, I am of the firm belief that it is not BART's job to hide information from us. Nor is it their right.

BART has reduced their daily crime updates to a mailing list which requires approval. The information on this site is scraped from those daily emails and posted.

I created this site while sitting on BART for my daily commute back and forth from Fremont to San Francisco. I've seen a lot of crazy things on that commute, and I think security is in serious need of some attention. Particularly gate security. I'd venture to say a huge percent of the negative press BART is getting is by the same people I see hopping the fare gate every single day. Nothing is ever done about it.

I love BART, but I've had it with the overly-aggressive begging, bodily fluids, needles, and just plain garbage I see on a daily basis.

HUGE props to @Robbie for contributing a great deal to this project, including Twitter integration and a REST API. I cannot express enough how instrumental he's been in making this whole thing possible.

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